KFC Unveils New Console to Compete With PS5 and Xbox Series X

Gamers are enthusiastic about the upcoming launches of Sony’s PlayStation 5 along with Microsoft’s Xbox collection X, but it seems like they’ve some sudden competition with a sudden third party: KFC. The fast-food series of restaurants formerly called Kentucky Fried Chicken has introduced the first look at KFC Gambling’s new solution, appropriately known as the KFConsole. After hammering the very first look in the console, only one day following the PS5 has been shown, KFC was exciting the launch on social networking. The console might be a shocker, but the simple fact that it’s a built-in”chicken room” for snacking is appropriate for manufacturers for KFC.


KFC Gaming showed the console off on June 12th only a day later Sony eventually lifted the curtain on the PlayStation 5. True to its brand, the KFConsole only looks like a large bucket of chicken that has been remodeled to seem much cuter with crimson beams, a power switch, and a disk.

We don’t know whether it can sit like the other consoles, however.

KFC’s console show is a joke, but it is a timed individual considering we just lately can say we have seen both of those next-gen consoles. KFC Gambling is very much a real account from KFC with over 100,000 followers and often posts about gambling content; however, so much is true. A date of November 12th was awarded in the conclusion of the trailer, so perhaps KFC will have something prepped for individuals that day for a followup to the joke, even though do not expect a console.

Jokes aside, we don’t have real dates for the Xbox collection X or the PlayStation 5. Both consoles are shown in full as with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition that appears slightly different from the bottom console and does not have a disk drive, but we do not have any launch dates. The PlayStation5 and Xbox collection X are planned to get a Holiday 2020 launch with costs, pre-order details, and discharge dates anticipated to be shown before then.

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